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Is Indoor Skin Tanning Really Safe?

For many people, especially white women, having a gorgeous tan is necessary to be beautiful. Tan colored skin has always been associated with sexiness and exotic beauty. Blame it on the South American swimsuit models basking at the beach with glowing, almost shiny, tanned skin. Every women wants to be like these hot models that is why going to tanning salons has been part of these women’s beauty practices. But the question is, is indoor tanning really safe? Are tanning beds 100% safe to use?

Unfortunately, the answer is, NO. Yes, indoor tanning beds could give you a gorgeous tan in a matter of a few minutes, but its adverse effects to the skin are very serious. Indoor tanning especially if the person is under 35 years of age has been known to increase the risk of melanoma. Melanoma is a serious type of skin cancer. A deadly type of cancer. Using tanning beds also leads to premature aging of the skin due to the ultraviolet rays that it emits. Excessive tanning could dry up the skin and it could also damage the skin’s natural elasticity which eventually leads to wrinkles and nasty age spots.
To wrap up, indoor tanning beds may have lesser radiation and it may emit less ultraviolet rays unlike the sun, but they still bring some consequences – most of which though, are all negative. So the next time you step into that tanning salon to get a gorgeous tan, think of the long term effects first that it could cause you and ask yourself, is it worth it?