The Don’ts of Skin Care

There are a lot of ways to improve and maintain the beauty of our skin. A lot of us would probably know by now what to do to our skin to make it look beautiful. We are always taught what to do and less of what to not do. So here are some things that you may want to avoid doing to achieve that healthy glowing skin.

1. Do not exfoliate everyday to remove deep seated dirt.

Some facial exfoliants claim that they are safe for everyday use. That is so NOT true. Exfoliating your skin everyday may cause skin damage. It could also make your skin super tight and dry which is bad. It is ideal to limit face exfoliation to once a week – two at most.

2. Do not use ordinary bath soap on your face.

Using bath soaps on your face could cause tightness and dryness which we are all trying to avoid. Some bath soaps, if not all, are too strong for the face. Again, bath soaps are for the body and not for the face.

3. Do not leave the house without putting on sunscreen.

Sun exposure is one of the primary causes of premature skin aging. To avoid this always wear sunscreen before going out to protect your skin.

4. Do not sleep with your makeup on.

Sleeping with makeup on is probably something that most women are guilty of. Makeup clogs the pores which irritates the skin, so try to avoid sleeping with your makeup on to avoid nasty zits, pimples and other skin irritations when you wake up.

5. Do not undergo several facial treatments in a short span of time.

Facial treatments offer a lot of benefits to the skin when done properly. Avoid having facial treatments everyday as this may damage your skin. Let your facial skin cells regenerate and breathe before sloughing them again. It is best to undergo a facial skin treatment once every two weeks or even once a month.



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